Italian Institute for Rorschach and Integrated Psychodiagnostics

Scientific-cultural association whose purpose is the popularization of psychodiagnostic techniques inherent in all areas of investigation in psychology, with special reference, as far as personality investigation is concerned, to the Rorschach test according to the Comprehensive System method of J. E. Exner Jr.

Our activities

IRPSI also participates in research, updating, dissemination and innovation activities in the Comprehensive System through close collaboration with international authors, and in particular through participation in the International Rorschach Institute.

Essential elements of our conception of psychodiagnostics are the integration of psychodiagnostic instruments of different types and the collaborative dimension of the relationship between clinician and subject.

IRPSI aims to:

– Activate postgraduate training courses for psychologists and psychiatrists who want to train or perfect their skills in psychodiagnostics, through lectures and both face-to-face and online supervision activities.

– To disseminate a psychodiagnostic assessment model characterized by the multi-method mode and the centrality of the subject/patient and empathy in the psychodiagnostic pathway.

– Maintain an ongoing continuing education and training activity for its members, with regular meetings, journal clubs and international workshops.

– Conducting field research that consolidates and enhances knowledge in psychodiagnostics, both clinical and forensic.

– Consistently participate in international congresses by presenting original clinical case and research contributions.

– To contribute to the maintenance and dissemination of a psychodiagnostic culture equally centered on the subject/patient and methodological rigor.

Dr. Maria Fiorella Gazale

Lecturer and founding member

Psychologist and psychotherapist, Executive Psychologist ASST Santi Paolo e Carlo of Milan, former Adjunct Lecturer in Psychodiagnostics -School of Specialization in Clinical Psychology Clinical, Faculty of Medicine -University of Milan

Lecturer in Clinical Psychology – University of Milan

Technical Consultant of the Court of Milan (No. 8909)

IRPSI Founding Member

Member of the International Society of Rorschach and Projective Methods (ISR)

Former Active Member of the European Rorschach Association (ERA)

Founding member and Italian Delegate Comprehensive System International Rorschach Association (CSIRA/ARISI)

Member of the Society for Personal Assessment (SPA)

Founding member IRI- International Rorschach Institute

EMDR therapist – member EMDR Italy

Dr. Daniela Nicodemo

Institute president and founding member

Psychologist and psychotherapist, IRPSI founding member

SIPRe (Italian Society for Psychoanalysis of Relationships) member.

Member International Society of Rorschach and Projective Methods (ISR)

Former Active Member of the European Rorschach Association (ERA)

Member  Comprehensive System International Rorschach Association (CSIRA/ARISI)

Founding Member IRI- Internationa Rorschach Institute

Reviewer and Board of Assessor member of the journal ‘Rorschachian’ published by the International Society for Rorschach and projective methods (ISR)


Dr. Donata Marzorati, child neuropsychiatrist and psychotherapist, Referent of the Center for the Study and Diagnosis of Learning Psychopathologies of the Operating Unit of Child Neuropsychiatry, ASST Santi Paolo e Carlo, Milan.

Dr. Francesco Padovani, psychologist and psychotherapist, practitioner for more than 30 years in ASL Services, lecturer in Test Theory and Technique and Personality Diagnostics. in psychology degree programs at the Salesian University IUSVE in Venice, author of clinical interpretation manuals of WAIS-R and WISC-III  published by Giunti OS and of WISC IV published by Hogrefe.

Dr. Roberta Vitali, PhD, psychologist psychotherapist of the Age Evolutive, Consultant at ASL City of Milan, PSIBA Lecturer, CTU Court of Milan.

Dr. Daniela Sciamma, psychologist and psychotherapist Family Consultatory integrated of ASST Santi Paolo e Carlo in Milan , Diploma transcultural psychiatry Université Paris XIII.

Dr. Giovanni Aresi, psychologist, IRPSI research associate, Ph.


Prof. Anne Andronikof, Past President of the International Society of Rorschach and Projective Methods (ISR) and the European Rorschach Association (ERA),

Emeritus Professor of Psychopathology at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Director Laboratoire IPsé, author of numerous international publications on the Rorschach test, president CSIRA/ARISI, founding member IRI – International Rorschach Institute .


Dr. Franco Martelli, psychiatrist and CTU at the Court of Milan

Dr. Laura Ghiringhelli, psychiatrist A.O. Civil Hospital of Legnano, CTU at the Court of Milan


Dr. Rosanna D’Arrezzo, Psychologist, psychotherapist, IRPSI member of the International Society of Rorschach and Projective Methods (ISR).